Programmers — No More Caffeine. Do This Instead.

Programming requires a ton of focus to be productive and to write proper code. Coffee, soda, energy drinks, expresso, niccotine, adderal, and many others are known to be a programmer’s “secret weapon”. To combat this common and unhealthy life style, I went 2 weeks without any of these enhancing chemicals to improve my focus in a healthier way and the alternatives have improved my focus for longer periods of time, I get more work done, I feel happier and healthier, and I am much more enthusiastic about work.

If you depend on the secret weapons mentioned above, it is time to change your secret weapon. At least try — I did!

Dopamine detox

Heard of it? Dopamine is the chemical that makes us feel ‘good’. Almost constantly these days, we are stimulated by music, sugar, social media, video games, pleasure, and drugs. If we tune all of this down so our brain will basically “feel happier with less”, then we can trick ourselves into accomplishing our coding tasks. Our brain will crave the accomplishment just to get some dopamine.

Working Out

Programming is a physically demanding task. Yes you read that right. Neck pain, back pain, lack of sleep, wrist pain, fat gain, constant sitting, weak legs and knees, chest tightness ( from laptops ) and sometimes not even eating, or healthily eating at least. I have been there. I started working and it changed everything. How to get good sleep? Work out til you’re tired. How to eat healthy and consistently? Focus on your health by working out. How to sit without being fidgety or ‘tired’? Get the blood moving and workout before hand. I always get the best focus after hitting the gym hard. CHEAT CODE. Adding a standing-up desk will give you a ton of bonus points.

Go to sleep early — and no screens in bed!

We look at screens all the time! Blue light, dry eyes, bright lights, stimulating colors… no more! When I wake up early, I immediately have a lot more time in my day. The common night-owl programmer will say that coding at night is his grind-time zone. However, has he ever gotten solid quality sleep and woke up during sunrise ready to go? It feels amazing and so calming to have an entire day ahead of you and starting it off with a quiet and beautiful sunrise. Rise and grind baby!! The hardest step is fixing your night owl sleep schedule. This is where no caffeine and working out will help you MAJORLY.

You Should Start Now!

I feel like a new man with more passion and accomplishing much more without relying on the common programmer substances. I was that kid staying up late, drinking tons of coffee and energy drinks, slowly gaining weight, always tired, and stressed. I turned it all around by focusing on my mental and physical health to create an independent programming lifestyle.

I just need me, my water, and my sleep and you got a happy coder.




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